Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here and we’ve made our list of can’t miss gifts!

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Essential Oils Aura Cacia

Smell your best this holiday season. And if you already smell your best, make sure the rest of your house does too. Aura Cacia’s essential oils are made from simple, botanical ingredients formulated to unlock nature’s ability to improve our well-being. Whether you’re considering a body spray or a diffuser, you can trust that the ingredients are harvested carefully and sustainably from the best sources in the world. We’re pretty sure we can smell the difference.


Candles – Big Dipper

Big Dipper candles, as you might have guessed, were inspired by the famous constellation. What really sets these candles apart is the quality of the ingredients. They’re made from beeswax, most of which is collected from beekeepers in the Northwest, including British Colombia. Beeswax candles are naturally dripless and smokeless, and tend to burn longer than candles made from other waxes. Beeswax candles produce negative ions when burning. These negative ions can help relieve stress, boost energy and alertness levels, reduce the amount of dust mites and dander in the air, and protect against airborne germs. If that’s not a candle worth gifting, we don’t know what is.

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Produce Saver Kits –


Not into Green Produce Bags? What about Bluapples? Designed to provide effective ethylene gas absorption, Blueapple produce saver kits last for three months in a typical home refrigerator produce bin or storage container and keep your produce fresher longer. Protect your organic investments and enjoy the best produce in Jacksonville for a few extra days.


Solar Puffs – Solight Designs

Solight design delivers affordable solar lighting and power solutions to the world. It’s their mission to provide sustainable light and power to those who need it most. We carry Solight’s Solar Puff and love the simplicity of its design, plus, if you buy a light for yourself, Solight Design will contribute to, a non-profit partner, who delivers the lights to regions of natural disaster, war, and extreme poverty. One light can mean the world to a family living in the dark!

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Epsom Salts

Give someone Ultra Epsom Salt and what you’re really saying is that you’d like for them to relax and enjoy a little “me time”. Ultra Epsom Salt is the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt available and it’s known for its exceptional purity and therapeutic value.  That means it’s great for soothing soaks, which, in our opinion, are a necessity after the holiday rush.


Charcoal Water Filters – Kishu

Want to give someone coal in their stocking? Now you can, and you might even get away with it! By heating wood to an extremely high temperature and slowly depriving it of oxygen, it becomes carbonized. Kishu’s hand-cut, active charcoal is 97% pure carbon and filters out toxins in tap water including lead, mercury, and copper. The filtration process leaves behind calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Give coal and feel good about it!

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Salt Lamps – Evolution

Every kiss begins with a salt lamp. That might be a stretch, but now that we have your attention, let’s turn it towards Evolution’s Crystal Salt Lamps. These beautiful Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions, which work like natural ionizers to keep the air clean. When they warm up, they attract humidity and the surface of the salt crystal becomes moist. This causes a field of ions to build up. These negative ions then attach themselves to dust, pollen, mold, fungus and odors. Throw in some protection from electro-smog and you’ve got quite a gift on your hands! 

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Nut Milk Bags – Frontier Natural

Nut Milk Bags might not sound exciting (or totally PC), but they have tons of uses, including making nut milks and straining yogurt and soup stocks, teas, cheeses, and fruit sauces. Frontier Natural’s Nut Milk Bags fit well inside a pitcher or canning jar, they’re reusable, and they never taint foods with previous tastes. Add to that the fact that they are easier to clean than finer mesh or natural fiber bags, and you’ve got yourself a gift that keeps on giving.


Green Produce Bags


Peak Fresh

Alright, we’re starting off a little slow, but give Green Produce Bags a chance because they’ll give your fruits and veggies new life. These certified organic bags are used by produce shippers worldwide to slow down the natural aging process of fruit and vegetables. Stuff someone’s stocking with these and you’re guaranteeing them longer lasting produce; how fresh is that?

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Starter Kits – 

Cultures For Health

If you want to improve your life, look no further than Cultures for Health Starter Kits. You’ll be fortifying your diet with fermented foods in no time at all. We carry starter kits for Kefir, yogurt, fresh cheese and even kombucha. It might not be a shiny new tablet or TV, but there’s something to be said about power of probiotics.