Back to School: Breakfast Edition


Purely Elizabeth Granola
Organic gluten-free oats, raw virgin coconut oil and a healthy amount of seeds make up purely elizabeth's hearty, ancient grain granola. We love that not only is this brand entirely gluten-free, but it's also free of refined sugar and sweetened with a lower glycemic alternative, coconut sugar. Typical of most granola, the delicious clusters can be enjoyed as cereal, a crunchy yogurt or smoothie bowl topping, or just straight up - because it's really just that good! 


Udi's Bagels
Udi's fluffy bagels serve as a perfect breakfast for those avoiding gluten, dairy, soy and nuts. Toast one up and pick your toppings. We're partial to making to-go sandwiches with a bagel, buttery spread, and a fried egg! 


Organic Valley Large Eggs
If you want the best eggs, you're going to want to buy them organic and free-range. (More on how eggs are labeled and which are best here!) Organic Valley mandates that all their chickens are raised with indoor and outdoor space to roam freely, so you know their eggs are going to be fresh and full of nutrition. 


Siggi's Icelandic Yogurt
Siggi's Scandinavian yogurt is extra thick, creamy and very high in protein (10 grams in some flavors!). Plus, they come in a variety of cream levels, so you can buy extra thick 4% whole-milk or something lighter like 0% non-fat. These yogurts are great for a healthy breakfast on the go, or as the base of a protein-packed smoothie. (See the recipe below!) Grab 3 cups for $4 until the 17th.


Organic Mango
There are many reasons to love organic mangoes, aside from them being on sale at Native Sun for .69¢ each. Simply slice up a mango and add it to your morning smoothie, oatmeal or yogurt to add vitamin C, calcium and zinc. (More reasons to eat mango here!)



Basically, the best siggi's smoothie ever.


We love purely elizabeth's gluten-free granola so very matcha that we're putting it on our toast with matcha-coconut yogurt!