Bananas, for Breakfast, Snack Time and Dessert


Peel into the week with these fresh and fun banana recipes!

  1. Skip the boxed brownie mix and make these gluten-free, vegan Snow White Bars for dessert...or breakfast...OR BOTH!
  2. Bananas and sesame seeds are thoughtfully paired in this Banana Cake and Tahini Ice Cream recipe that will really impress your foodie friends. 
  3. Start your day off right with this Chunky Strawberry Smoothie Bowl that balances hearty ingredients like peanut butter and granola with light lactose-free strawberry yogurt and, of course, banana.  
  4. Maybe you've had quinoa as a side or salad topping, but have you ever had it for breakfast? This Breakfast Quinoa recipe will make you second guess going for the oatmeal every morning. 
  5. Hot Chocolate Banana Dogs. Do we really need to say anything else? 
  6. A sweet and smooth probiotic-rich Chai Kefir Latte is what health and wellness dreams are made of.