Beat the Heat + Beat the Bugs

Leap Body Powder
Skeeter Screen

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The summer months are here, and that means thoughts of the beach, swimming pools, and vacation. It also means extreme heat and humidity, sweating, and for a lot of us, chaffing.

Although it's difficult to avoid the extreme summer heat, Leap Eucalyptus Mint Body powder can make it much more comfortable. With the cool action of eucalyptus and mint, and the drying power of arrowroot powder and clay, Leap’s body powder is sure to help keep you comfortable and dry this summer!

Stop suffering from the summer heat, bug bites, and DEET anxiety

Alright, maybe we can’t fix the heat, but two out of three isn’t bad!   Products with DEET must warn customers of side effects such as memory loss, headaches, fatigue, and muscle and joint pain. It’s no surprise that the long list of potential side effects has many people concerned about the safety of traditional insect repellant, and though natural repellants are effective, they often leave you smelling like lemon and feeling greasy.

If you are tired of the normal natural alternatives, it’s time to consider Skeeter Screen. The Skeeter Screen product line uses a proprietary, essential oil based formula that is safe for pets and your entire family. That means clean, comfortable protection from stings and bites without the DEET and the grease. Skeeter Screens Patio Egg, scented diffuser, and biodegradable, spreadable deterrent have helped us turn the tide in the summer bug battle. If you’re planning to be outside this summer, make sure you include Skeeter Screen!