Bite-Sized Eats for the Big Game


From grab-and-go wings to cocktails that’ll keep you warm, here’s our go-to list of what you should be snacking on during game-day weekend.


Grab-and-Go Grub

Want all the flavor with none of the fuss? Stop by any location now through Sunday, February 3rd for a pack of 25 ready-made Teriyaki, Florida Rub, Buffalo or Cajun chicken wings. All flavors come complete with their respective sauce (if applicable), house-made ranch dressing, organic baby carrots and organic celery inside a super (football-shaped) bowl. (Pun intended.)


A+ Apps

When it comes to game day, we highly recommend having appetizers on deck. Right now, we’re loving these nachos, this seven layer dip, bacon wrapped shrimp, romaine boats with crispy tofu, loaded baby baked potato bites and the spicy grilled pineapple pizza pictured here.


Grab a Cold (or Warm) One

Dry January is over, so if you’re in the mood to make a cocktail we have a few suggestions. The Gingery Kombucha Cocktail pictured here would be delicious paired with something spicy, like Curry Salmon Skewers or our grab-and-go cajun wings. It’s going to be cold this weekend, so you can always go with a hot drink, like this Orange Spice Hot Toddy or this Winter Mulled Wine, to keep warm.


Don’t Forget the Veggies

We wouldn’t be Native Sun if we didn’t remind you to put out an organic veggie tray. Slice organic veggies like peppers, carrots and tomatoes and serve with dips like Hope hummus, or our grab-and-go pico or guac. If you’ve got a delicious dip, your guests are going to get their veggies in!

Need help? You’ve still got time to place a catering order. We can put together a veggie tray for you at the store of your choice.

Recipe, NewsDan Nehring