Take Breakfast To-Go



Gotta grab breakfast on the go? Good! Start with these nutritious grab-and-go breakfast ideas that'll get you out the door in a hurry on the busiest of mornings! 


Native Sun Deli Grab-And-Go Greek Yogurt or Coconut Yogurt Parfait
Probiotics and protein in a ready-made yogurt parfait! We make these grab-and-go dairy and non-dairy parfaits fresh every morning using coconut or Greek yogurt, vegan granola, and organic strawberries. If you haven't tried one, this is the week! 

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Native Sun Organic Orange Juice
We bottle fresh, organic orange juice every morning. The fresher the juice, the more vitamins, minerals and enzymes. What's not to love? 

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Chameleon Coffee Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew
After the brewers at Chameleon grind their signature coffee into a coarse blend, they let the coffee soak in water for over ten hours, which is what gives their cold-brew its distinct, rich flavor. The ready-to-enjoy blends come in a variety of grab-and-go flavors like spicy Mexican, sweet vanilla and rich mocha. Pick 2 for $6 all week long so you can grab a cold-brew whenever you need a little boost!  

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Gluten-Free Banana Bread
Need something a little sweet in the morning? Our gluten-free banana bread should fit the bill. It's baked fresh daily in our Celiac safe, 100% gluten-free bakery. Plus, for those who only like the middle piece, each slice is wrapped individually so you can grab your favorite part of the loaf! Want to learn more about our gluten-free bakery? Read up on it here!


Organic Blueberries
Blueberries are kind of the ultimate grab-and-go breakfast food; they're packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and they're easy to pack. Put a half cup in a mason jar or to-go container for an extra boost of potassium, Vitamin C and fiber to start the day. 

Got time to whip up breakfast? We've got some ideas!

Recipe by Native Sun Executive Chef Eric Haney

Recipe by Native Sun Executive Chef Eric Haney


Bananas, blueberries and almond milk are key ingredients in this tasty vegan pancake recipe! Whip up a stack on a lazy Sunday! 



Turn this week's crop of on-sale organic veggies into this Beautiful Breakfast Frittata! 

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Chameleon Cold-Brew prides itself on its sustainable practices. Learn more about the company's commitment to organic coffee farming.