An Education in College Care Packages

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No college kid is too cool for a custom care package...even if they pretend to be! 


Koyo Ramen
It's no secret that cooking in college is tough. Get your kids a few packs of Koyo Ramen. This organic version has the aesthetics and flavor of the ever popular dorm room staple, but skips the terrible ingredients. Hard to ague with cheap, clean convenience!


Earth Balance Peanut Butter
College living quarters are typically tight, so you'll want to make sure your favorite student has some shelf-stable, ready-made snacks available. Grab a jar of Earth Balance Peanut Butter so you know they can have a healthy, protein-rich sandwich or snack anytime they want.


Schmidt's Deodorant
Schmidt's started as an all-natural deodorant brand in 2010 before expanding to other products like toothpaste and soap. Their deodorants are vegan, plant-based and smell amazing. Not sure which scent to pick? The fragrance-free option still works great! 


Schmidt's Toothpaste
Don't forget the toothpaste! We love Schmidt's because it's free of artificial sweeteners and dyes. And it doesn't hurt that it's 25% off until September 7. You can't make them brush, but you can send them toothpaste! 


Daily Stress Balance Spray
College is stressful! Send some serious chill with this Daily Stress Balance spray from Herb Pharm. Ingredients like ashwagandha, ginger and rose calm the nerves before (or after) a big exam or an all-nighter (in the library).  


Clif Kids Z-Bar
Like the original Clif Bar, Clif ZBars are organic and baked with whole grains. ZBars make great snacks or easy breakfasts when running late-to-class. 


All the kids are back to school. Feel like celebrating?

Try this Peanut butter and jelly stuffed french toast.
It's vegan.

You're welcome.


Ramen isn't just for college students. Elevate your noodle game with miso, carrots and avocado!