Congaree and Penn: Education on the Farm

WHEN: Thursday, April 5
WHERE: Congaree and Penn

Local farm Congaree and Penn is growing! Since their start in 2014, the antique-mill rice farm has grown into a regional ingredient powerhouse, churning out a product list that includes rice, shrubs, jellies, and more. 

While Congaree's product offerings have expanded, their approach and overall quality standards remain the same.

From their pecan oil to their purple rice grits, Congaree takes care of its heritage crops with true quality and care, which is why we love carrying their products at Native Sun! 

Earlier this month, our HQ team took a field trip to the farm to get a first-hand look at how Congaree and Penn grows such lovely local goodness. 

We started the tour with a stroll through the Mayhaw trees, then it was off to see the rice paddies. Congaree recently added bees to the property to provide honey for a cider recipe that's in the works. The bees will eventually pollinate olive trees. 

After our tour of the property, we sat down for a delicious lunch featuring all Congaree everything. The menu featured black pepper biscuits, tomato creole jam, black beans and rice, middlins risotto and strawberry limeade tea. 

From the way they mill their grains to the production process used in the creation of their pecan oil, Congaree shares our attention to detail and passion for food.   

We want to thank Congaree and Penn for an insightful and delicious visit and invite you to shop Congaree and Penn rice, shrubs, oils and more at your local Native Sun!