Fixings for Father's Day Dinner


Do it up for your dad this Father's Day with appetizer, dinner and dessert ideas that'll please your wallet and your pops!


  • Kick things off with a Swamp Head six-pack so you and pop can crack a cold one together! 
  • With beverages out of the way, it's time to set up some easy appetizers like pretzels from Quinn Snacks paired with Native Sun grab-and-go hummus and fresh veggies. 
  • Other delicious and easy-to-serve snacks we love are Front Porch Pecans and Organic Prairie Jerky. Simply open the bags, pour into separate bowls, and enjoy!


  • Bust out the cast-iron-skillet or fire up the grill because White Oak Pastures Boneless Ribeye steaks are on sale! You can cook ribeye anyway you like, but we're big fans brushing it lightly with oil and a fresh spice rub. Badia Organic Spices are BOGO if you're low on seasonings like paprika, garlic or coriander and want to try your hand at making your own spice rub. 
  • That red meat is going to need a solid side dish to balance it out. We say, make this fresh broccoli salad and/or this hearty broccoli casserole to keep veggies on the plate (or at least near them). You can grab other delicious sides from our grab-and-go section. Maybe give our house-made Macaroni Salad a try?  


  • If you've never had a CoolHaus Ice Cream Sammie, get off the device you're reading this on, go to the nearest Native Sun and grab one. Then maybe grab a few for dad. These individually wrapped, giant ice cream sandwiches are made with simple, high-quality ingredients and they're absolutely delicious. Did we mention that they're big? You can definitely cut them in half or quarters and share them (you probably won't want to)! 
  • Need dairy free? If so, we've got dessert for you too! So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream in lots of delicious flavors is also on sale.
  • And finally, if you aren't hosting Father's Day, you could always surprise dad with a card, gift card or Tony Chocolonley's chocolate bar.