Delicious Pre- and Post-Workout Deals


You can't cut corners at the gym, but you can cut costs with our weekly sales flyer. We dove deep into our weekly deals and came up with 6 pre- and post-workout meals with the quality calories you need to keep you counting crunches and crossing off goals! 

  1. Coconut Water
    Hydrate before your workout with Mother Nature's sports drink: coconut water. You can also drink it post-workout to replace lost fluid, potassium and salt.
  2. Ground Turkey
    With 19g of protein and 0 carbs per serving, ground turkey is a perfect post-workout protein! Throw it in an omelet with asparagus or cook and mix it with celery and your favorite dressing for a healthy lettuce wrap with extra crunch!
  3. Apple with Nut Butter
    Change up the old apple-and-peanut-butter combo by using different kinds of nut butters and toppings. We're munching apples with almond butter and chia seeds and tahini with dates and pistachios! 
  4. Cottage Cheese
    Use cottage cheese as your protein base and load it up with healthy and flavorful toppings! Go sweet with strawberries and pecans, or savory with sweet potatoes, salt and pepper!
  5. Vegan Shakes
    Toss a ready-made organic shake into your gym bag for an easy to digest, delicious and drinkable protein on the go! And if you've got time, use the shake as a base and add ingredients like matcha, spinach or berries as flavor enhancers! 
  6. Protein Bars
    Kind and ProBar have clean, quality ingredients that will fill you up without the hassle of measuring, cooking or cleaning. If anything, just keep one of these in your purse or backpack all the time and you've the ability to fill up on nutrition even when you're in a rush!