Education: Going Native in the Classroom


WHEN: Tuesday, March 13
WHERE: Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School

Educating our community about health is important to us, so this week we visited Duncan U. Fletcher Middle School in Jacksonville Beach to chat with 6th and 7th grade Global Scholar students about organic produce, GMOs and how we select the products that hit our shelves! 

Global Scholars is an elective course at Fletcher that explores the global food system and its impact on cities around the world. Students learn about nutrition and its influence on public health. Following our educational visit, the students shared what they learned with students in the program across the globe!

Seeing students so passionate about food and where it comes from is what motivates us to select the best products in the market and make them available to our community! Thank you Fletcher Middle students for a fantastic and fascinating visit!

Native Sun Community Programs Manager Meghan Fiveash with Fletcher Middle 6th & 7th grade Global Scholar students