Five Reasons to Try A Grocery Delivery Service


Once available only in the largest cities, grocery delivery services are now reaching more consumers across the country. Just recently, we launched a partnership with Instacart to give our customers access to this great new service. If you haven’t considered using online grocery ordering and delivery yet, here are five great reasons to try it—plus one special reason to try it soon!

grocery delivery.jpg

1. It saves time.

Not having to spend time driving to the store, walking the aisles, and standing in the checkout line is at the top of the list of grocery delivery benefits. If you’re a busy parent or a new parent, work long or odd hours, or are a caregiver, having groceries brought to your door can be a lifesaver.  

2. It’s good for your budget.

It’s no secret that most grocery store layouts are planned to encourage shoppers to make impulse buys and expose them to as many items as possible. Even if you’re in the store just to get bread and milk, you likely be tempted by hundreds of other items as you make your way from one side of the store to the other, making it easy to pick up things that aren’t on your list.

Another money-saving feature of online grocery ordering is knowing just how much you spend from week to week, helping you take control of your grocery budget and easily see where you may be spending too much.

And then there are coupons: If you’re not one to pore through a print edition of the Sunday newspaper to find and cut out coupons, digital coupons are for you. Most grocery delivery services have easy-to-find sale items every week, and comparison shopping is easier, too.

3. It helps you eat healthier.

One of the keys to healthy eating is making the time to plan menus in advance. The time you save not going to the store can be used to plan nutritious meals for the week and to prepare them. If you’re looking for new homemade meals ideas to try, browse through our collection of healthy, vegan, and vegetarian recipes. New dishes are added every month!

4. It’s accessible to everyone.

For those with mobility challenges, age-related issues, or an illness or injury, delivery services solve the grocery problem. If you have elderly family members or friends in another city where services are available, you can make sure they’re eating well by managing grocery orders online for them.  

5. You can shop anytime.

You can take care of your grocery needs from your office or your sofa, at your daughter’s soccer practice, or in the doctor’s waiting room. If you have an internet connection, you can place a grocery order any time.

When you shop Native Sun online through InstaCart, you can have your groceries delivered in as little as one or two hours, or schedule delivery in advance within a one- or two-hour window depending on your location.

Get free delivery on your first Native Sun Instacart order of $10 or more.

Our grocery delivery service is surprisingly affordable, and getting started is easy: Check out our online store, sign up, then place your first order at no extra charge. There are no ongoing membership fees or hidden costs—just savings and convenience.

Dan Nehring