Going Grain Bowl-ing


If you've ever Instagrammed an açaí bowl or eaten dinner at a noodle bar, you've probably noticed the trend that is showing up on menus everywhere - bowls! These beautifully made meals are having a moment right now, so we're trying our hand at the trend and serving up some serious bowl inspiration made with our favorite on-sale ingredients of the week.


Tomato Risotto
Risotto is a great base for any bowl. Make an Italian version with vegan or beef sausage, chopped beefsteak tomatoes and vegan or regular Parmesan.


Amy's Chili with Brazi Bites
Amy's ready-made organic chili is a great foundation for bowl building. Add toppings like cheese, green onions, avocado, and even fresh-baked Brazi Bites. Hot chili and cheesy bread? Yes, please!


Amy's Bowls
Speaking of Amy's, if you're hungry and in a hurry, keep a couple of Amy's frozen bowls ($1 off until September 14) in the freezer so you can eat quick! Hearty bowls like ravioli, brown rice and tortilla black bean will fill you up without slowing you down. 


Açaí Bowl from Native Sun
With a base of organic açaí, bananas and blueberries, our smoothie bowls are full of antioxidants and flavor! We highly recommend our PB Cup or Berry Good. If those aren't for you, create your own with your favorite toppings!


Can't decide between tomato soup and chili? Make both! Muir Glen organic tomatoes are BOGO and Amy's Chili is 2 for $7!


Making creamy risotto is easier than you think. Spruce up this side dish with fava beans, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese to turn it into a full-blown entree!