On-the-Go Snacking Essentials


Stock up on these healthy grab-and-go snack options, on sale this week at Native Sun!

  1. With organic ingredients like puffed amaranth, millet and quinoa flakes, Purely Elizabeth granola is the perfect to-go breakfast or snack for those who are gluten-free. Throw a bag in your backpack to share with friends on a hike, or keep it in your desk drawer at work for when hunger strikes! 
  2. Get double the hydration and potassium with Amy and Brian Coconut Water, on BOGO this week at Native Sun! 
  3. Perfect Bars are organic, non-GMO and gluten-free (which makes them a perfect snack in our book)! Good-for-you organic ingredients like celery, alfalfa, and kelp need to be kept fresh, so you’ll find them in the refrigerated section! 
  4. Stretch Island Fruit Leathers deliver all of the fruit in a kid-friendly format without synthetic colors or artificial flavors! These non-GMO fruit bars are vegan, gluten-free and crumb-free, so they're great on the go. Simply break open and serve! 
  5. Chocolate covered chickpeas. Salted caramel chickpeas. Honey roasted chickpeas. We're not making these up! Biena Chickpea Snacks are crunchy, salty and packed with plant-based protein. Grab a bag of each flavor, because with so many sweet and savory varieties to choose from, why not try them all?
  6. If you have a sweet tooth like us, you'll love Foodie Fuel's snack crisps. The sweet and crunchy cracker-like snacks have an organic seed base and are mixed with natural ingredients like coconut, vanilla and sea salt. Perfect for your picnic basket!