Happy (and Healthy) Halloween!


Halloween can be a scary holiday for parents because of one thing: sugar! Skip the artificial stuff and stock up on candies made with real ingredients. Or, take it one step further and make some homemade treats!


Enjoy Life
Trick or Treat! Enjoy Life is back with their Halloween Minis! They skip the scary ingredients and they’re still scary-good. Available in 4 delicious nut-free varieties: Dark Chocolate, Ricemilk Chocolate, Ricemilk Crunch and a Variety pack! 


Yum Earth
There are no tricks in Yum Earth's candy - just organic treats! Their candy corn is made with turmeric and their organic gummy fruits are made with apples, carrots and pumpkin! 

43454510_10155689264491722_827447113389441024_n 2.jpg

Surf Sweets
Surf Sweets makes delicious organic gummies and lollipops using real ingredients. Their products are free of artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup. Even better, they are vegan and free of the top 10 most common food allergens! 


This dairy-free pomegranate chocolate dip is the perfect Halloween trick because your kids will be super excited to eat fruit for dessert!

Vampire-Blood-Dip-2-Web 2.jpg

These three-ingredient, organic candy corn rice crispies are sticky, sweet and the perfect gluten-free addition to any Halloween gathering!