Hemp History Week 2018


WHEN: Monday, June 4th through Sunday, June 10th
WHERE: All Locations

June 4th to June 10th is Hemp History Week and we'll be celebrating hemp's healthy versatility. It's a whole food source of plant-based protein and omega-3 fatty acids SDA and GLA. Hemp is also a growing U.S. industry, and an environmentally sustainable solution for potentially thousands of non-toxic products ranging from car parts and building materials, to paper products, textiles, plastics, and even ethanol. We can also sequester carbon from the atmosphere into the biosphere by cultivating hemp to heal our distressed farmlands.

We love hemp products; but did you know that all raw hemp for products stocked on retailer shelves must be imported from other countries?

Help bring hemp back to America’s farmlands to support a healthy future for U.S. families and farmers, the economy, and our planet. Join Breaking Ground with Hemp History Week this June 4th through June 10th to learn more about the cause.  

In the meantime, enjoy special deals on hemp products in our weekly sales flyer this month!