Eating Outside: How to Plan a No-Cook Picnic!


Thanks to grab-and-go options like our house-made guacamole and ready-made salads, planning a springtime picnic is easy! From ordering online to grabbing ready-made options from our Deli, we’ve put together a list of no-assembly-required ideas that will please everyone on the picnic blanket.


Order Entrées Online

The Native Sun deli has a lot of entrée options: salads made with organic ingredients, beef and vegetarian burgers, vegetarian sandwiches, fresh-made wraps, street-style tacos and black bean quesadillas, to name a few. (Pictured here is our Teriyaki Tempeh salad.) What’s more is that you can order all these entrée options online! Hop on our website or app, select a pickup time, and we’ll have your food ready and waiting for you. That means all you have to worry about if finding the perfect picnic spot!


Serve Seasonal Organic Fruit

Fruit (in our case, organic) is great for picnics. You don’t have to do anything to prepare it except wash it (and maybe cut it) and serve! Plus, fruit can double as dessert at the end of the meal. We love organic grapes, apples and blueberries for picnics because they’re less labor intensive than other varieties (remember, we’re going for ease here.) Plus, these organic fruits offer plenty of health benefits like fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin C, which is what we want from our picnic snacks and sides. Catch the freshest savings on produce in our Weekly Deals on our News + Events page.


Keep the Appetizers Simple

Some picnickers will go for an entrée and have some fruit after. Others might graze the apps and call it a day. For those friends who love finger foods, make sure you have organic cheese, gluten-free crackers, our house-made guacamole, Late July salsa and/or Late July chips on hand. These fan favorite options are all ready-to-eat, so as soon as you set them out, the snacking begins. If you’re not feeling chips and salsa, some other options we love are Miyoko’s vegan cheese, olives, dried fruit, pretzels and hummus!