Kid-Friendly Fare!

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This week at Native Sun we’ve got all best kid-approved snack, dinner and dessert options on sale. (Looking at you, ice cream sandwiches!) Now, how could you possibly entice your little one to get into all these super wonderful foods? Well, we’ve got a few ideas.

  1. Organic Valley Stringles Cheese Sticks
    Kids love to play with their food, so why not just let them? Take a few Stringles, they come in Cheddar, Colby Jack and Mozzarella, and cut them into small pieces. Serve alongside other bite-sized snacks like grapes, sliced ham rolls and cubes of bread. Give each kid a toothpick and let them create a custom snack!
  2. Woodstock Nut Butter
    PB and J is good, but this week we're adding almonds. We're big fans of the alternative butters and we say while almond butter is on sale, whip up a few AB&J sandwiches for lunch and make these delicious AB&J Cups to enjoy for dessert! The recipe is full of healthy ingredients like strawberries and chia seeds, so you might want to make sure you have enough for you, too. 
  3. Milkadamia
    If your kids are dairy-free, or you're just trying to replace some of dairy products in their diet, Milkadamia's macadamia milk is a great alternative. Blend whichever flavor you like best with bananas and berries for an easy, everyday smoothie your kids will love, or use it in place of whatever milk you usually give your kids with their cereal or oatmeal. If your kiddos are the kind who ask a lot of questions, look over the story of how the macadamia nuts are grown are here!
  4. Annie's Homegrown Fruit Snacks
    Give your little ones their Vitamin C intake for the day with Annie's organic fruit snacks. They're made with real fruit juice, plus they're gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO, so you can feel good about grabbing that extra (free!) box while they're BOGO at Native Sun this week. 
  5. Barbara's Cereals
    Barbara's has been whipping up natural breakfast cereal since 1971. We're in favor using these delicious cereals to whip up Marshmallow HeartBeat TreatsPuffin Popsicles or Puffins Breakfast Pizza
  6. Julie's Ice Cream Sandwiches
    This is the one product on our list that your kids likely won't need much encouragement to eat. The ice cream and chocolate wafers are made with organic flour, cream, sugar and vanilla. These simple ingredients make for a super delicious sandwich without the long list of additives that usually find their way into these types of treats. 
  7. Bell & Evans Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken nuggets are the go-to meal for most of the kids (and adults) we know. When chicken nuggets are called for, we usually reach for Bell & Evans chicken nuggets because they're 100% whole-breast, free-range chicken. If your kids seem tired of the old chicken with ketchup routine, try tossing a few chopped nuggets into some cheesy macaroni. Adults, we suggest grabbing an extra box of nuggets while they're on sale so you can make these Loaded BBQ & Bacon Chicken Bites. Just promise if you make some you'll bring us a few, okay? 
  8. Strawberries
    Get some extra Vitamin K, E and C into your kids diet this week with all the strawberry-oriented recipes we've got! We're talking Watermelon Strawberry SmoothiesStrawberry Cucumber Yogurt Bowl and Strawberry Coconut Mug Cake! More strawberry recipes from Native Sun here!