Burgers, BOGOs, and Beyond!

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Memorial Day weekend means it’s time to fire up the grill! See what cravy-good menu items we’re serving up (and saving on) this weekend!



Classic Cheeseburger with a Twist

While this cheeseburger recipe features classic ingredients (organic ground beef, organic cheese, chopped red onion) it takes a different approach to presentation. (The cheese is inside the burger!) Try this and you may never put cheese on top of your patty again! If you’re making this recipe, you need ground beef and we’d advise you to look no further than Creekstone Farms. Their Non-GMO Project Verified, premium Black Angus, grass-fed ground beef is just $3.99/lb. every day.

Springer Mountain Farms Fried Chicken Sandwich

We don’t normally advocate for fried chicken, but Springer Mountain Farms chicken breasts are $3.99/lb. every day as part of our staples with standards program. So, if ever there were a time for a delicious, crispy chicken sandwich, it’s now! If you’re not into fried chicken, check out other chicken recipes here and make the most of a fresh, new everyday low price!


Beeler’s All-Natural Baby Back Ribs

Beeler’s all-natural baby back ribs are on sale this weekend for $6.99/lb. Never grilled ribs before? Don’t worry; we’ve got a simple rib recipe that’s perfect for aspiring grill masters. Once you get the hang of the grill, you may want to grab a few more racks of ribs to toss in the freezer for summer BBQ season!

Beyond Meat Burger

If you’ve ever been to our Deli, you know we love a Beyond Meat burger. So, while they’re on sale this month, we say stock up and serve them at your Memorial Day BBQ with a side of guacamole and sweet potato fries! (Pro Tip: If you don’t want to make the guacamole yourself, grab a side of it fresh-made from our grab-and-go case!)


Chickpea Cauliflower Burger

For our vegan and vegetarian friends, this chickpea and cauliflower burger is the bomb! Spices like cumin, smoked paprika, and cayenne give this burger serious flavor, while cauliflower, chickpeas, and pumpkin seeds make up the “bulk” of the patty. (Homemade is always great, but if you don’t want to make the veggie burgers yourself, you can shop our ready-made options here.)

Applegate Turkey Burger

If you’re more of a turkey burger lover, Applegate’s brand new Great Organic Blend is a perfect pick. (Plus, they are 25% off this month!) These burgers contain 50% fewer calories and 70% less fat than a regular turkey burger. How do they do it? By blending in organic mushrooms!

Serve your burgers hot off the grill with pesto and spiralized organic squash (also on sale right now!) in the recipe below.




Fruit Salad

Chopped fruit salad is good. Star-shaped watermelon with organic arugula, organic spinach, and homemade strawberry dressing just might be better. (Plus, Memorial Day weekend usually means watermelon and we’re happy to report that we’ve got organic watermelon quarters on sale for $1.99/ea.) Organic strawberries are 2 for $6 and organic blueberries are 2 for $5. You’ve got everything you need to update your classic fruit salad with the recipe below!

Hummus and Veggies

This Memorial Day we’re skipping the salad in favor of a heavy-duty veggie tray! We love this option because it serves as a healthy (approachable) appetizer for just about any diet. Plus, after you’ve washed and chopped your veggies, all you have to do is plate them with a couple of dip options (like hummus!) and you’re good to go.

Photo by  Michele Keegan

Egg Salad

We’ve got Organic Valley large eggs $3.99/doz. every day. What would we do with a dozen eggs this weekend? Make egg salad! This classic recipe should be your go-to. Serve with crackers, on toast or as-is next to your veggie tray!

Pasta Salad

Thanks to our house-made grab-and-go sides you can round out the Memorial Day buffet with Native Sun classics like this veggie-packed pasta salad, black bean salsa or tabouli. All you have to do is head to our Deli counter or cold case and pick out what sides you want. (If you realize you’re running short on sides at the last minute, you can order them online and have them delivered to you in the link below!)




Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

We love a cookie recipe that sneaks in healthy ingredients! These double chocolate peanut butter cookies are packed with protein, pumpkin puree, and delicious Little Secrets (BOGO until Thursday, May 30th). Make a batch for Memorial Day with the recipe below!

Pound Cake

We love this pound cake because it rocks just 8 ingredients, and is big enough to serve a crowd! The icing on the cake? Yogurt icing topped with organic strawberries (2 for $6) and organic blueberries (2 for $5) arranged to star-spangled perfection.

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Ice Cream

Speaking of serving (and pleasing) a crowd, you can’t go wrong with ice cream. (Topped with some fresh, organic berries or mango, of course!) From classic organic vanilla to dairy-free almond milk cookies and cream, we’ve got a flavor for everyone!


S’mores were made for Memorial Day. No camp fire? No problem; simply melt your favorite chocolate, dip your marshmallows, then sprinkle graham cracker crumbs on top! (Pro Tip: Make the entire bag of marshmallows because these tasty treats goes quick!)