Celebrate National Soup Month


January is National Soup Month, so we’ve been celebrating the best way we know how, by breaking out the cookbook, grabbing a spoon and making some seriously delicious soup! Whether you’re a super strict vegan or like bacon on your beer cheese soup, we’ve got something you can make to adequately celebrate all that is National Soup Month!


Soup it up!

Cooking soup isn’t like cooking other things; you can do very little and get a whole lot. (Like an entire week worth of food!) Plus, if you make a vegetable-based soup, you can keep the nutrient level high and the calories low. The Curried Tomato Fennel Soup pictured here is a great example of a healthy homemade soup packed with superfood ingredients like turmeric, fennel and apple cider vinegar. If cooking is not your thing, (and that’s alright, it’s not for everyone) ramen is still considered soup, and it’s on sale this month! Put together a bowl for you and a bowl for a friend while Lotus Foods Rice Ramen is 2 for $3.


Cheddar, croutons and pecans, oh my!

If you’ve never thought to make your own soup, you’re really missing out. Why? Fabulous flavor, and tons of toppings! Adding toppings to your cup of soup can totally change the flavor profile and overall experience! (You can make your lunch Instagram ready by simply adding a few sprinkles of pumpkin seeds, olive oil and yogurt, for example.) A dollop of organic sour cream or Greek yogurt is a great way to enhance creamy soups! If you feel like you can get out of your comfort zone, finely chop herbs (think parsley or cilantro), seeds or fruits and sprinkle those on top of your soup before serving. Some of our favorite toppings? Fresh ground black pepper, sliced avocado and lime wedges!



Toppings can absolutely elevate your soup, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little more to accompany the soup your serving. We love a sandwich with complementary flavors. This roasted turkey with arugula and tomato vinaigrette is a great example because the spicy arugula and tangy tomato vinaigrette pair well with this Roasted Squash Soup. Other sandwich recipes we’re making include this Mushroom and Arugula Grilled Cheese, a BBQ Jackfruit sandwich and this classic BLT.


Grab-and-go from our deli!

If you’re fresh out of time, but still craving soup, don’t worry, we make our own soups every day! Stop by the deli and grab a cup of hot soup or a container of cold soup that you can heat up at home. Convenience is the name of the game and a rotating menu of incredible scratch-made recipes will keep you coming back for seconds. Now stop reading and start celebrating National Soup month!