Natural First Aid Remedies That May Surprise You


Injuries, accidents, and just plain overdoing it are all a part of life, no matter how committed you are to healthy living. We’re talking about everything from cuts and burns suffered when cooking your favorite organic meals, to bumps, bruises and soreness that come with strenuous workouts.

The unexpected happens, and that’s when you need a natural first aid kit you can turn to. Ideally, your kit is full of products that work with your body’s natural immune response to promote healing and health. Here are some of our favorite natural first aid remedies we think you should have on hand.

To Protect Your Skin

Your skin is your body’s first line of defense. It’s pretty tough, but it’s still susceptible to minor wounds, cuts, bites, burns, and scrapes. Our favorite products to protect your skin include:

Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel

This herbal topical treatment contains colloidal silver, a natural antibiotic that can help to fight off infection. It also helps to reduce stings, promote healthy healing, and calm painful inflammation. It contains no synthetic preservatives and is so transparent, odorless, and grease-free, you won’t even know it’s there – and neither will your kids.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Summertime is full of sun and sunshine, but it’s also full of bugs that bite. You can use clay to treat the itching associated with bites from ants, mosquitoes, and wasps. The natural minerals found in the clay help to soothe skin while helping to promote proper healing.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a time-tested remedy to help soothe burns and bites. It forms a protective layer over the skin as it helps to replenish its moisture. The antioxidants in aloe also work to help the skin heal faster. What’s great about aloe is you can grow your own, breaking off a small piece as you need it to treat your cuts, burns, bites, and scrapes – or you can simply buy a tube of gel to have handy.

Super Salve Co. Comfrey

Comfrey has been used for hundreds of years as a way to help accelerate the healing of bruises and skin ulcers. You can use comfrey salve to help heal dry, cracked lips and soothe minor skin irritations naturally.

For Your Digestive System

Digestive system troubles can strike when you least expect it, which is why having some natural remedies in your natural first aid kit is a must. At Native Sun, we love to use these products to help your digestive system find balance again:

Jarrow Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS

This probiotic yeast promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria to help your body find balance after illness – or too much pie at your summer cookout. It supports the healthy bacteria that live in your gut to help improve your immune system function as well as boost your overall health and wellness.

Solaray Ginger Trips

Summers are for travel! These ginger chews are specifically designed to assist the traveler looking to keep their digestive system healthy and their immune system strong. Ginger has long been used to naturally soothe an upset stomach, helping you to rid yourself of nausea and even diarrhea. It’s an essential part of any natural first aid kit, especially when you’re away from home.

Purify Activated Coconut Charcoal+

Activated charcoal helps to traps chemicals and toxins in the gut to help prevent their absorption. This coconut charcoal helps your body to naturally detoxify and can help relieve gas and bloating in the process. When an upset tummy strikes, you’ll be glad to have this on hand.

For Minor Aches and Pains

Aches and pains happen, especially when you’re doing things you enjoy. From working in your garden to hiking your favorite trail to simply playing Marco Polo in the pool with your kids, aches and pain can strike – but you can be ready. We suggest you keep these natural ingredients close by to help:

Arnica Montana

Arnica has been used as a natural pain reliever for thousands of years. This herb is applied to the affected area to soothe bruising, stiffness, and muscle pain. It’s thought that the natural, active chemicals found in arnica help to reduce pain and even work as an antibiotic. So, if you get a little gung-ho in the garden, it’s a good idea to have some of this in your natural medicine cabinet.

Epsom Salt

When added to a warm bath, Epsom salts break down into sulfate and magnesium. They are then absorbed into your body through your skin to help loosen your stiff muscles and joints while helping muscles to relax. Use Epsom salts every day if needed to help reduce pain from muscle aches.

If your kid gets a splinter by walking barefoot on the boardwalk, Epsom salts can come to the rescue! You can use it to help remove splinters. Simply soak the splinter in a warm Epsom salt bath and then easily fish it out.

For Allergies, Colds, and Sinus Trouble

For some people, the beautiful world around them is the source of sneezing, a runny nose, watery eyes, and sinus pain. And if you have a summertime cold, then you may not even want to go outside where pollen and other substances in the air can make it worse by further gumming up the works.

You don’t have to hide inside during allergy and cold season. Get out in the sunshine by keeping these items in your natural first aid kit:


This herb is popular for helping to support immune system function and defend your body against illness. If taken at the first signs of a cold, it can help to reduce your symptoms and help your body’s natural defenses fight back.

Eucalyptus Oil

If you find yourself with a stuffy head and a sinus headache, then you should reach for some eucalyptus oil. This can help relieve congestion and push out the extra amounts of phlegm your body is producing. Simply add two or three drops to some hot water and inhale the steam for relief.


Peppermint is something you should always have on hand! It’s good in all sorts of first aid situations, from heartburn, indigestion, sunburns, headaches, nausea, and pain. It’s an all-in-one natural first aid treatment and it grows very easily.

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We Have Everything For Your Natural First Aid Kit

Providing natural first aid products to your family is important to their health and continued wellness. Come see us and we’ll help you create the best natural first aid kit around!