No Meat March: Plant-Based Breakfast Ideas


We’re one week into “No Meat March” and we’ve shared plant-based pasta inspiration, but now it’s time to talk breakfast. We’re ditching the bacon and eggs (mostly) in favor of some deliciously simple plant-based breakfast ideas!


Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls have taken Instagram by storm because they’re pretty easy to make pretty. They’re also pretty good for you. We love this Purple Morning Smoothie Bowl by Well + Good because it packs in a little plant-based protein from dairy-free yogurt by Kite Hill. You make the whole affair Instagram ready with toppings like blood oranges, kiwis and starfruit. Breakfast has rarely been so beautiful!


Sweet Potato Toast

Maybe you’ve seen sweet potatoes on toast, but have you seen sweet potatoes as toast? The gluten-free breakfast and snack idea has been popping up all over the internet, and we are totally into it! Eating a sweet potato at breakfast provides iron, calcium and fiber at the start of your day. The recipe is wildly simple: just slice a sweet potato, toast it, then add your favorite toppings before digging in. Recipe below!


Avocado Everything

Avocado is our #1 go-to vegetarian breakfast ingredient. There’s something about creamy avocado that really makes toast, smoothies and yogurt bowls all the better. But, eating the same thing over and over again can get boring! Let’s talk toast for now. Elevate your avocado toast with a slice of Field Roast vegan cheese broiled on top of your bread before you add your sliced avocado. Find the recipe for the avocado toast pictured here in the link below, and find other avocado-based inspiration on our website here.

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