Remedies & Supplements for Natural Allergy Relief

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Spring is here, which may fill you with joy or, if you suffer from allergies, with the dread of the inevitable itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose. As many as one in five Americans, close to 50 million, suffer from allergies. If you are among them, you’ve probably tried a host of pharmaceutical treatments to help you find relief. The truth is, these treatments may only suppress the symptoms and don’t get at the cause, which can make your allergies worse. But don’t fret! You may be able to control your allergy symptoms naturally. Here are a few of the products you can find at Native Sun for natural allergy relief.

Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

People seek out medications and try home remedies for allergies to help relieve symptoms such as:

  • Runny nose

  • Watery eyes

  • Scratchy throat

  • Post-nasal drip

  • Sneezing

  • Excess mucus production

  • Ear irritation

  • Reduced focus and concentration

  • Irritability

  • Hives

  • Eczema

All of these symptoms are the result of histamine, a compound released by the cells in your body as a response to allergens. While reducing the time you spend outdoors can help, there are natural allergy supplements and remedies you can use that may help you get through allergy season healthier and happier.

How Nature Helps You Find Relief from Seasonal Allergies

While the world around you may be responsible for producing the substances that trigger seasonal allergy symptoms, it’s also kind enough to give you natural remedies for them. Native Sun carries a variety of natural allergy supplements and remedies to help make this allergy season a little more tolerable.

Some of the essential ingredients in natural allergy treatments include:

  • Stinging Nettles to help reduce sinus inflammation and prevent allergy attacks

  • Quercetin to help boost immunity and reduce your body’s reactions to common allergens

  • Eyebright to help reduce the symptoms of hay fever such as runny nose and watery eyes with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties

  • Mullein to help soothe irritated membranes and make your cough more productive

  • Astragalus to help support your respiratory and immune system

  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) to support and maintain normal levels of mucus production in your respiratory system

  • Wild Cherry Bark to reduce irritation caused by inflammation in the throat and lungs due to the excessive production of mucus

  • Colloidal Silver serves as a natural antibiotic and antimicrobial supplement that, when used as a nasal spray, helps reduce the severity of sinus infections and clear your nasal passageways of excess mucus

  • Acidophilus to enhance your immune system by improving the health of your gut to allow it to be more resistant to environmental and dietary allergens

  • MSM works as an anti-inflammatory that can help to block the receptivity of tissues such as the mucous membranes in your nose to histamine

  • Bromelain to decrease inflammatory and allergic responses throughout your entire body and help reduce allergy symptoms associated with histamine production

  • Lavender to soothe your mind and act as a gentle, natural antihistamine

  • Nasal Saline Irrigation to remove environmental allergens and excess mucus from your nasal passages and reduce their impact on your sinuses, eyes, and throat

Finding Natural Allergy Relief

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At Native Sun we offer only the best natural allergy supplements and medicines to help you find natural allergy relief. These products include:

Buried Treasure Aller Ease

Aller-Ease liquid is designed to help you find relief from common allergens by helping your body to maintain normal histamine levels. It harnesses a variety of natural herbs and antioxidants to help your body work optimally to help you feel better. It comes in a BPA-free bottle for your peace of mind and is wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and yeast-free.

Buried Treasure Soothing Syrup

Find relief from respiratory irritation and cough with this soothing syrup. It utilizes wild cherry bark as a key ingredient to help reduce inflammation in the lungs and throat that can arise from the excess mucus production allergies trigger. It’s also vegetarian safe and free from dairy, gluten, yeast, and wheat.

Buried Treasure Quantum Silver

Colloidal silver has legendary antimicrobial and antibiotic properties. Buried Treasure Quantum Silver is a daily supplement containing non-accumulative silver molecules and patented nano-silver particles to help to clear the nasal passages and reduce the severity of sinus infections that can result from seasonal allergies. Buried Treasure formulas contain no binders, fillers, or excipients, so you know you’re getting natural, safe, and effective formulas to help boost your health.

Natren Probiotics Megadophilus

The health of your gut plays a major role in your overall health and wellness. After all, your gut is your body’s first line of defense against allergens, viruses, and bacteria. That’s why it’s important to support a healthy gut with daily probiotics such as Megadophilus, a viable strain of probiotic bacteria that have been formulated to help optimize your digestive system. It’s available in powder or dairy-free capsules to help make it a convenient part of your daily regimen.

Bluebonnet MSM Powder

Support a healthier body with this dietary supplement that harnesses the power of active sulfur to promote the health of tissues that are susceptible to allergens such as the mucus membranes that line your nasal passageways. Find it in capsule or powder form that is vegan-friendly, kosher, and gluten-free.

Country Life Triple Strength Bromelain

Support healthy digestion and improved overall health with the help of bromelain, a digestive enzyme found in pineapple stems that can help reduce inflammatory and allergic responses throughout the entire body while helping to hinder histamine production. This supplement is certified vegan and gluten free. It also contains no soy, milk, sugar, salt, yeast, corn, wheat, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil

Harness nature’s natural defense with the help of Lavender essential oil. This certified organic essential oil helps to relax you as it works to halt histamine production to help you find relief from your seasonal allergy symptoms.

Neti Pot

During allergy season you can’t avoid pollen in the air, but you can rinse it from your nasal passages with the gentle, effective help of the Neti Pot. This easy to use Neti Pot helps to reduce the impact of allergens on your body to help you find natural relief from environmental allergens.

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You can’t avoid allergy season, but you can help your body to work at its very best to reduce symptoms and help you stay healthy to enjoy all that spring has to offer, without the watery eyes.

Stop in to Native Sun today to find out more about natural allergy relief.

Dan Nehring