Native Sun Rise & Shine Coffee Blend

Native Sun Rise & Shine Blend


We knew that if we were going to offer a house coffee blend, it needed to be fair-trade, organic, craft-coffee roasted close to home. 

Enter Sweetwater Organic Coffee. They're located in Gainesville, Florida and roast truly excellent coffee. They import directly from small-scale coffee farmers using a unique, principle-driven supply chain that they helped create. The supply chain, called Cooperative Coffees, is based on common-sense, win-win terms of trade for sourcing some of the world’s best organic, specialty-grade green coffee.

Sweetwater is committed to long-term relationships with its coffee farmers, working with them to improve their quality of life, and paying them a fair price for the incredible coffee they work so hard to produce each year. 

We love companies that are working hard to improve people’s lives. We also love great coffee, and for our partnership with Sweetwater, we selected a small-batch Viennese blend. It's a big bodied blend of dark and medium roast coffees with a rich tobacco aroma, light acidity, and a sweet, nutty flavor with hints of citrus that we hope makes your mornings that much better. 

We're now serving it in-stores and have individual bags available for purchase!