You put that on your skin?!


Summer is for beach days, lounging by the pool, and all sorts of outdoor activities. Odds are, you’re going to get some sun. That means your skin is going to need a little extra love. What if your skin care started in the pantry? Well, check out these simple recipes, natural ingredients (that you can eat), and on-sale items (you probably shouldn’t eat) that’ll keep your skin hydrated and happy all summer long!

Spice, Spice Baby

Dried turmeric might already be in your spice cabinet. Did you know that you can totally add the yellow spice to homemade face masks for a healing and anti-inflammatory boost? Try this face mask made from organic turmeric, ground oats, raw honey and yogurt (recipe below). You get antibacterial and healing properties from the turmeric and raw honey as well as moisturizing effects from the yogurt and oats.


Super Solid SPF

Thanks to the natural and organic plant oils in Badger’s organic sunscreens, you’ll not only be protected from the sun, but your skin will also be getting nourished from sunflower oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Stock up on SPF while select Badger products are on sale this month!


Cool, Calm and Collagen

How do you help your skin from the inside? Collagen. This superpower supplement actually occurs naturally in our body, but by adding it to your diet you can increase the health of your skin. One of the easiest ways to add collagen to your diet is to mix it into foods or drinks you love, like this smoothie!


Hi, Honey

Similar to turmeric, raw honey is a superfood ingredient that can be used to help keep the skin healthy! When used topically, raw honey works as a natural anti-bacterial, so it can be used to help fight acne. Plus, it’s anti-inflammatory and immune boosting, which helps even out your skin tone. If you don’t have any raw honey at home (it needs to be raw, so the healthy bacteria is still in it) click the link below and get shopping!


Soak it Up

Long days on the beach can leave skin super dry, so to help you skin stay hydrated we suggest taking a milk bath. Thanks to the lactic acid, fat and protein found in milk, even a brief soak will help skin feel softer, calmer and cleaner. Never taken a milk bath before? We’ve got an easy-going DIY recipe that will help you out. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to add any orange or grapefruit slices, unless you’re doing it for the gram.)


Feel Butter

What you use to wash your body during the summer months can make a huge difference in your skin’s day-to-day health. (The wrong body wash could further dry out your skin!) Ingredients like unrefined shea butter and virgin coconut oil help summer skin stay hydrated and healthy, and luckily Alaffia’s body washes uses all of them. Another reason to love Alaffia is it’s deep commitment to fair-trade and non-GMO ingredients. Shop their super clean shea body washes on sale throughout the month of June.


Trust your Gut

When gut health is off, it can affect the skin. That’s why we suggest adding probiotics to your routine during the summer, when your skin is most vulnerable. Not only do probiotics aid with bloat, gas and digestion, they also help support the skin against bacteria and free radials. Probiotics come in pill form (pictured here) and in topical formulas you can find in our Health and Beauty Department.


Buzz Off

Sun isn’t the only thing you need to protect your skin from this summer. If you're outside, there’s also bound to be bugs! Picking the right bug spray is ultra-important, because like sunscreen, body wash, and everything else we’ve covered in this blog, you put bug spray on your skin, so it needs to be made from clean ingredients. Our pick? Buzz Away. It’s the perfect combo of citronella, geranium, lemongrass and cedar wood oils, and it’s DEET-Free! Plus, you can shop Buzz Away on sale for the entire month of June, so make sure you stock up before the month flies by. (Flies. See what we did there?)

Photo by    Kayla Montee

Photo by Kayla Montee