New, Everyday Low Prices on Staples with Standards

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Milk, eggs, chicken, and beef; you can buy these staple items at any grocery store in town. But should you?

At Native Sun, we’ve always gone above and beyond to bring our customers true transparency. We know that not all staples have standards – but ours do, and we're bringing them to you at the lowest possible prices. Now (and always) build your basket around everyday low prices on our staples with standards.


Organic Valley Milk

Organic Valley is our go-to for organic milk (whole, 2%, 1% and skim). Since 1988, their farmers have helped set the standards for organic pastures. And the cows? They’ve got it good, grazing on greens that help them produce omega-3 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) rich milk. Always organic (no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMOs) and now always available at an everyday low price of $3.99.*


Springer Mountain Farms Chicken

Springer Mountain Farms is a family owned business in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Their dedication to providing their chickens with a quality life and healthy diet led them to become the first poultry producer in the world to be certified by the American Humane Association (AHA), the oldest and most trusted advocate of animal welfare in the country. Non-GMO Project verification and recyclable packaging make Springer Mountain Farms Boneless Skinless Breasts a natural staple in ours stores at an everyday low price of $3.99/lb.


Creekstone Farms Beef

Creekstone Farms Non-GMO Project verified beef is sourced from a single family farm in Nebraska that handles all production and processing. The cattle enjoy a diet of 100% vegetarian, GMO-free grains and forages that are third-party tested before and after harvest. Creekstone’s cattle are raised without antibiotics or added hormones by farmers committed to humane animal care. We’re pleased to offer their premium, Black Angus, grass-fed, grain-finished ground beef for $3.99/lb. every day.


Organic Valley Eggs

Organic Valley eggs are different: Deep-yellow yolks, rich flavor, and absolutely no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or GMOs. Like Organic Valley, we believe that the best eggs come from free-range, cage-free chickens that spend their days roaming fresh, green pastures. And we want you to enjoy eggs from happy, healthy chickens at an everyday low price of $3.99/doz.