Sweet Summertime Sales


Chloe's Pops
Fruit, water and a little bit of organic sugar is all you'll find in Chloe's famous fruit pops, which means your kids can enjoy a frozen (non-GMO, dairy free and vegan!) treat anytime. Plus, because these pops are so fruit heavy, you can pop them into a piña colada or glass of sparkling rosé to add some extra fruit flavor to your own summertime cocktail! 


Organic Celery
Celery stalks are loaded with potassium, enzymes and antioxidants, so if you're wanting to add some extra vitamins and energy to your routine, juice a few stalks to sip on throughout the morning. (This Reiki practitioner did it for an entire month and said it healed her gut!) And if you'd rather just add celery to your meal plan for the week while it's .99¢ for an entire bunch (organic of course), whip up this cabbage soup or this curry tofu salad


Purely Elizabeth Superfood Bars
You've got the usual cast of superfood-ish ingredients powering these grain-free bars: cashews, organic coconut sugar, cinnamon, etc. However, there is one super ingredient that isn't typical: Reishi mushrooms! Reishi is referred to as the "Mushroom of Immortality" because its properties boost the immune system. These paleo-friendly bars come in flavors you'll crave (peanut butter, coconut and so on) with added benefit of reishi extract. 


Body Surf Organic Infused Water
Recovering from riding waves, running or whatever activity floats your boat requires a good mix of hydration and vitamins. That's where Body Surf's organic infused water comes in handy. Low in calories (15 or less!), but heavy on enhancements, Body Surf provides the vitamins you need in fun, fruity drinks that will have you on the road to recovery. We're partial to the Mango and the Cucumber! 



Graham Crackers.
All on sale.

Need we say s'more?

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Double down on savings y’all! Our Weekly Sales Flyer now runs from Friday to Friday, which means you've got a day of overlapping deals and double the savings!