Summer Travel Essentials: Natural Health Remedies for a Happy Vacation

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Summer is here and your vacation plans are made! Tickets are purchased, clothes are washed and packed, the fur babies are boarded, and off you go. Travel is great, but it also opens us up to food poisoning, exhaustion, and minor cuts and scrapes that need to be tended to on the fly. Did you pack your probiotic supplements and other natural health remedies?

Putting together a mobile preventative and first-aid kit isn’t difficult and it can save you a lot of grief that could spoil the time you’ve planned. But it does take some thought, especially if your trip involves any time flying; restrictions around about what you can take in carry-on bags as well as in the rest of your luggage.

What are the basics?

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Let’s begin with hand sanitizer as a preventative measure, especially considering how many people you’ll come in contact with over the course of your travels, complete with all those unfamiliar germs. We carry EO Hand Sanitizer in the form of gel, spray, or wipes that are easy to pack, making it convenient to get out of a germy situation when regular soap and water are unavailable.

Probiotic Supplements

Traveling expands our world, but it’s hard on the body. Changes in our routines, locales, and the sheer number of people we encounter creates stress.

Consider probiotic supplements the first line of defense in keeping everyone healthy before your vacation even starts. Probiotics promote gut health by attacking bad bacteria; this boosts the immune system and strengthens white blood cells. We then have a better chance of fighting off stressors as we hop on and off planes, trains, and automobiles.

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Natural Health Remedies

Even with all our precautions, though, upsets are bound to happen. Travel essentials should include some natural health remedies so we can deal with common ailments, such as an upset stomach. Candied ginger is an easy product to purchase ahead of time and can be carried in a backpack for digestion, minor stomach upsets, and nausea. Sage essential oil, a great immune system booster, can be carried easily, too, and helps with digestion, diarrhea and intense menstrual pain.

Remember that great buffet you found last night? Your heartburn says, “yes”, which means it’s time to bring out the DGL licorice. It is an anti-inflammatory that calms down the stomach lining and boosts the immune system.

Saccharomyces boulardii is another natural health remedy for travelers’ diarrhea, something that can ruin a vacation day faster than just about anything else. It is easy to keep on hand and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It moves easily through the digestive system in order to reach the intestinal tract, where all the trouble is brewing.

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You can still address more severe symptoms with a well-stocked travel kit. Charcoal for food poisoning needs a spot in your travel kit, along with an additional dose of probiotics to follow up a bout of food poisoning. Both children and adults can take these probiotics to deal with digestive upsets that could derail the trip.

Many vacations take you outdoors, with hiking, camping, boating, and other nature-based activities. Insects and their accompanying bites are often part of the experience. If you like DIY remedies, this natural bug spray is safe, gentle, and effective for kids, adults, and pets:

  • 12 oz. Witch hazel

  • 1 tsp. eucalyptus essential oil

  • 1 tsp. citronella essential oil

  • 1 tsp. lemongrass essential oil

  • Empty spray bottle.

A good remedy for if you do get bites is Bentonite clay, which is applied as a paste. It’s great for pulling toxins from the skin. It also calms the itch, plus is useful for minor cuts and burns that can happen around campfires or other outside activities.

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Gathering up firewood for the campfire can lead to splinters, which are difficult to extract even when you’re at home. The trick? Epsom salts. Add the salt to a warm bowl of water and soak the affected area until the wood of the splinter swells up enough to remove easily. In addition to splinter removal, Epsom salt has many other uses, including promoting sleep and stress reduction, relieving muscle soreness, and reducing pain and swelling—just to name a few.

Between probiotic supplements as preventative tools and natural health remedies to handle some of the most common ailments, your travel first-aid kit will help keep you happy and healthy on vacation.

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Before you hit the road, check out this video that discusses many of the items we have covered, plus a few more.

Safe travels!