Summer Surf and Turf

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All Natural Peeled & Deveined Shrimp
It's time for surf and turf! Let's start with the surf; shrimp is low in calories (under 100 for 10 large steamed or boiled!) and high in protein, which we love. If you've never made surf and turf before, this recipe from Martha Stewart is a great go-to. If you don't eat steak,  try these Spicy Shrimp Noodles or Edible NE Florida's Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

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All Natural Sirloin Steak
Our turf this week is all-natural sirloin steak. Pan sear it (and serve with shrimp!) or grill it with a side of herb butter. We get our grass-fed sirloins from White Oak Pastures, a 150-year-old family farm in Georgia. Its farmers are committed to the well being of the animals they raise, and its processing systems were designed by Dr. Temple Grandin, a leading authority on humane methods of handling animals. White Oak Pastures is certified humane by Humane Farm Animal Care, Animal Welfare Approved, Global Animal Partnership, and American Grassfed Association. The farm also runs zero-waste plants powered by solar energy. More on where Native Sun meat comes from here

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Organic Broccoli
Steak and shrimp are perfect for a main course, but you're gonna need some sides! Broccoli is a great go-to because it packs folic acid, vitamin K and fiber. For a quick weeknight side, we suggest this super easy Broccoli and Yogurt Salad (get all the ingredients out and maybe let the kids put it together?). Want something heartier? This vegan Broccoli Lentil Cheddar Casserole recipe by Dawn Hutchins should hit the spot. 

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Organic Watermelon
Watermelon is having a moment right now in the health and wellness community. This low-key superfood (Edible NE Florida explains here!) can be tossed into a cocktail (yasss!) or onto a skewer (double yasss!). Regardless of how you use it, you'll get a wealth of benefits like potassium, calcium and electrolytes that'll keep you hydrated in the summer heat! 

Whip up this grilled watermelon and feta recipe for a fresh cookout side dish! 


Rosé all day.
Everything happens for a riesling.
You had me at merlot.

You get the idea.

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