Baking season has begun!


Baking this Thanksgiving? Time to start stocking up on ingredients! Not sure where to start? Here’s our list of must-haves so you can kick off baking season right!


Wholesome! Brown Sugar

Wholesome Fair Trade Organic Brown Sugar is perfect in any recipe and especially good in cakes and casseroles


Let’s Do Organic Coconut
To make their coconut products, Let’s Do Organic simply takes organic coconut meat and dries it! No sweeteners or preservatives are added, so it’s naturally vegan, gluten-free and paleo! If you've never baked with coconut before, we suggest trying out this granola, these cookies and this recipe for coconut bacon


Artisan Kettle Baking Bars
With 100% cacao, these bars are perfect for creating your own taste and texture when baking your sweets from scratch. Make these brownies or this tartlet!


Wholly Wholesome Pie Shells
No time to make your own pastry dough? Wholly Wholesome Organic Pie Shells are a great go-to. Pies are so much easier to crank out when you've got a few pie shells ready and waiting in the freezer! 


Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips & Chunks
Hoping to bake dairy, soy and gluten free this holiday season? Grab a few bags of Enjoy Life's delicious, dairy-free Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks and Chips!


A few more baking essentials to grab while they’re on sale during Double Deal Friday:  Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, Organic Valley Organic Eggs, Green & Black Chocolate Bars, Farmer’s Market Organic Canned Pumpkin!


These sweet potatoes are the perfect side dish to your holiday meal. Smokey, sweet, and 100% vegan!


Not into baking? Stop by one of stores and pre-order one of our scratch-made, gluten-free pies or cakes for your Thanksgiving table!


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