The Tastiest Fruit of the Year + The Best Produce in Jax

Pluots in season

Tastiest Fruit of the Year?

We get pretty excited about organic fruits and vegetables here at Native Sun; especially unique varieties with limited availability and outstanding flavor. With that said, one of the best fruits of the year (the Pluot) is hitting our stores, and if you've never tried them, we want you to know what you're missing! 

A Pluot is a hybridized plum and apricot combination comprised of approximately 75% Plum and 25% Apricot. So how did this happen? Well, plums were being bred for travel, not flavor. The result, as you might expect, was a lot of mediocre plums. Pluots were introduced to bring joy to those who were sick of the flavorless plums, and they don't disappoint; they're one of the tastiest fruits we've ever had. 

Unfortunately, Pluots are often overlooked because they have the appearance of a large spotted plum, but we're giving you a heads up so that doesn't happen. We're excited for them to hit our stores, so make sure you try them before they're gone again!  

Best Produce in Jacksonville

You might have seen the billboards and signage in our stores; we've been shouting about our produce a lot lately because it's the best in Jacksonville. That's a bold claim, but hear us out! 

Best Produce

When we opened our doors in 1997, owners Aaron and Erica were adamant about carrying a full variety of 100% organic produce at affordable prices. They didn't want shoppers to have to double check produce stickers or signage trying to confirm that what they were buying was organic. They felt that shoppers should be able to trust that their grocer was bringing them the best quality products at the best possible prices.

20 years later and we're still the ONLY grocer providing Jacksonville with a 100% organic produce department.

Our Weekly Produce Specials arrive in stores every Wednesday and feature the largest selection of 100% organic fruits and vegetables at the best prices in Jacksonville. How do we know? We work with our local organic farmers and wholesalers each week to secure the deals.

If you find better sale pricing on an organic produce item in Jacksonville, let us know!