Earth Day Dreaming: Tips for Reducing Waste


As of 2017 more than 19 million tons of trash had been dumped in landfills in Jacksonville, according to the EPA. With that in mind, we spoke to several Jacksonville locals who have adopted a less-waste lifestyle to learn more about the steps each of us can take to reduce waste.


Bring Your Own Bags

Single-use plastic bags are problematic. They require a specialized collection system and processing equipment that makes them difficult to recycle. We banned them at Native Sun in favor of brown paper bags, recycled boxes, and reusable bags (and we offer a discount if you bring your own).

Mariah Goelz Salvat, co-owner of Southern Roots Filling Station and Cultivate, says she and her family always bring their own bags when they go to the store! “We also shop local and buy local so the produce we eat at home and use at the store has only traveled a few dozen miles and not a few thousand,” Mariah said.


Go Reusable

Native Sun Customer Programs Manager, Meghan Fiveash, shared that she uses reusable snack bags and containers when she packs her lunches for her kids to eliminate the use of single-use plastics. “In my house, not choosing reusable containers would mean throwing away at least 600 plastic sandwich bags every year PER KID,” Meghan said.

Don’t have any reusable lunch containers, bags or silverware? Stop by Native Sun! We have stainless steel airtight containers, water bottles, straws, bamboo cutlery and more!


Plus, did you know that our grab-and-go containers are from The Bottlebox and are made with recycled water bottles? We work hard to find (and take advantage of) the most sustainable options available to us so that you can feel better about the plastic you're using!


Say Freeze

Health Coach Brooke Brennan said she and her family create less waste by freezing fruits and veggies! “We freeze any over ripe produce, veggies, herbs, nut milks and yogurts for smoothies, soups, stocks and veggies for rice,” Brooke said. Freezing your produce at peak freshness means you can eat it weeks later, instead of having to throw it away after a few days!


Hit the Bathroom

Content Creator Victoria Moronta believes that bathroom products are a great place to look for opportunities to reduce waste. She mentioned that she and her family had already transitioned to body and hand wash bars and their eyes on toothpaste tablets. “It’s a slow process,” she said, “but it’s so rewarding.”