Trick-Or-Treat, What to Eat?


Halloween isn’t just about dressing up, it’s also about bringing friends and family together! Once it’s lights out for the little ones, what should you have on hand to keep the party going? Here’s a few healthy, Halloween-inspired ideas to keep your October 31st scary-good!


Between trick-or-treating and running front-door candy duty, you’ve probably got a lot going on throughout Halloween night. Have dinner ready to go whenever you are with this slow cooker chili recipe. 


Tony’s Chocolonely
Tony’s Chocolonely isn’t your typical chocolate company. Their chocolate is made with fair-trade and traceable cocoa beans and butter, which means they purchase their cocoa directly from farms they know personally, which is very rare. Also unique to Tony’s, their extra-large chocolate bars are unequally divided, to represent their work toward making the sometimes unequal world of chocolate production 100% slave-free. When you grab a Tony’s bar to split with your family or use in a recipe this Halloween, you can feel good about Tony’s mission, bars and beans. More on Tony’s mission to make all chocolate slave-free here


Little Secrets Crispy Wafers
There’s candy you give out to trick or treaters and there’s candy you keep. Little Secrets Crispy Wafers are candy you keep to yourself. We’re loving these crispy wafers with your choice of peanut butter, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. It’s polite to share, but you won’t want to.


Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups
Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups are another perfect packaged treat you can pass out to visiting friends on Halloween, and with their 2 for $3 deal, you can make sure you have plenty in the pantry for when you need something sweet.


Keep things simple (and save) with a cooler full of Original Sin cider and Red Cypress Brewery beer ($2 off until November 2nd). Gluten-free friends can sip on spiked pear cider and your beer drinking buds can grab a spooky brew like Devil’s Chair, Death Roll or Spook Hill.