Donuts for Days


Here's what we're whipping up with our favorite on-sale items this week:

  1. You can dress up Siggi's yogurt a few different ways, and now that they're 2 for $3 it's a great time to explore some new flavors. If you're feeling savory, pair Siggi's with olive oil, cucumbers and olives for a protein-rich pita dip. If you like things a little sweeter, grab a vanilla Siggi's and top it with mangoes, chia seeds and coconut flakes! (Or throw an entire Clif bar in there, we won't judge.)
  2. Ramen is all the rage right now, and rightfully so; it's simple, full of flavor, quick and cheap! This spring, we love this easy recipe for spicy ramen with wild-caught Mayport Shrimp, which is on sale until May 3! Noodles not your thing? Just grab some shrimp and throw together this Shrimp Salad or Shrimp Bruschetta
  3. Think donuts can't get any better? Try throwing fresh toppings on Katz gluten-free donuts and we promise a more dynamic flavor profile. We love them with fresh strawberries or Tony's Chocolonely chocolate shavings (or both!). 
  4. We all have that one thing we love to eat or drink everyday. For some it's a morning latte, for others it's an extra full glass of red wine after dinner. For our graphic designer Sean Ferguson, it's our Sambazon energy drinks. Sean loves them to jump start his morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up, especially when faced with a crunch-time deadline. And when the weekend rolls around, he's got a great cocktail mixer. Berry-Bourbon Lemonade, anyone?