What You Should Know About Juice Cleansing


A well thought out juice cleanse can help you reach your health and wellness goals, whether you want to reduce your risk of disease, detoxify, lose a little weight – or all of the above.

A juice cleanse refers to a period of time, usually between 3 and 10 days, where your diet consists mainly of vegetable and fruit juices. The juices you consume contain a variety of fruits and vegetables that provide the minerals, vitamins, and calories your body needs.

If you’re interested in doing a juice cleanse or simply adding a little more juicing to your life, then here’s what we think you need to know.

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What Does It Really Mean to Do a Juice Cleanse?

Before we can get down to the nitty-gritty of juice cleansing, it’s important to discuss what role a juice cleanse can play in your health and what its purpose is.

The truth is, your body does a great job of cleansing itself. It has a whole system for eliminating waste and clearing toxins out of your system on a regular basis. The real issue is that sometimes, because of all the preservatives, additives, caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and sugars we eat, the body can become overwhelmed. This means that waste may not be eliminated as efficiently and can leave you feeling “blah”.

The only way to truly cleanse your body is to properly support it in doing the job it was made to do. Enter the juice cleanse, where you give your body as many natural nutrients as you can to help restore and rejuvenate.

Juicing Versus Smoothies

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Drinking a smoothie is different than juicing because each has a different role in your health and wellness. Smoothies are essentially the pureed form of something you would normally eat. It fills you up because it still has all the fiber contained in the fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients you’ve included. It’s meant as a meal replacement, where juicing is meant as a nutritional addition to your meal.

When juicing, you’re removing all the insoluble fiber from the fruits and vegetables you use, leaving only liquid. While it is true that the natural sugars are still present, it’s also a liquid that’s loaded to the gills with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory compounds – phytonutrients, too. All packaged together in one hydrating drink.

Why Should You Do a Juice Cleanse?

Juicing is a great way to increase the nutrients you supply to your body. But before you embark on a juice cleanse, it’s important to think about what you want to get from it. Sure, you may be lured in by promises of glowing skin or weight loss, but it’s important to really think about why you want to do it. If you’re cleansing to help you learn to cut back on highly processed foods and get your body back on track, then that’s a good start.

Of course, if you suffer from any sort of medical condition, then it’s important to talk to your doctor before doing a juice cleanse. There are some conditions, such as diabetes, that can be made worse by a juice cleanse regimen.

What a Cleanse Can Do for You

There are many reasons people jump on the juicing bandwagon. The biggest reasons you may want to try one include:

  • Cleaning up your diet – A juice cleanse can be a great way to help wean your body off of chemical-laden processed foods, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and animal products. It can also help you to break away from poor eating habits that have become a part of your routine.

  • It’s good for your gut – The bacteria that live in your gut help you in all sorts of ways, from weight management to a healthy immune system. Sometimes the good bacteria in your gut get crowded out by the bad and a healthy juice cleanse can help feed the good bacteria and restore balance.

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How to Do It Right

You may think that all a juice cleanse requires is for you to juice your fruits and vegetables and consume them only in juice form for several days. That’s not exactly right.

First, you should work on a pre-cleanse. For a couple of weeks before you start juicing, you should eliminate highly processed foods such as cookies and chips from your diet. Deli meat, cereal, and soda need to get the old heave-ho too. This will help to promote healthy eating habits in your life as well as get in the right state of mind to start your juice cleanse.

Juicing is also far more beneficial to your health when you incorporate other healthy foods into your diet at the same time. After all, the whole point of a cleanse is to eliminate certain things from your diet to help you improve and restore your health. You can easily leave the unhealthy things out but continue to eat other foods alongside your juice.

Choose certified organic vegetables and fruits along with a few nuts and seeds. You must include protein in your diet during this time, which can be done easily by incorporating ground flax or chia seeds into your juice. The healthy fats contained in them can help stabilize your blood sugar and help you feel a little fuller for longer, too.

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