Worth Waking Up For


Elevating breakfast is easy, you just have to know what to have on hand! Here, we share 8 ideas from our Weekly Sales Flyer that will help you better your breakfast this week! 

  1. Cold Brew
    Summer is here, which means iced coffee everything! No need to wait in line for your cup of joe though, you can grab a few tasty Cultivo cold brews from our grab-and-go section so you're well stocked with delicious, organic coffee all week long!  
  2. Coconut Water
    Starting the day out hydrated can be hard, especially if you're in a hurry or you're downing too much cold brew. Harmless Harvest makes it easy to head out the door hydrated. Straight from the coconuts of Thailand, this incredible coconut water offers potassium and electrolytes that will get your morning going.
  3. Sausage
    Pump up your bowl of grits or a fresh baked biscuit with Applegate gluten-free breakfast sausage! Seasoned with black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and sage, this breakfast sausage is absolutely delicious and couldn't be any easier to make!
  4. Yogurt
    Protein is all the rage. Pump up your breakfast with Nancy's whole-milk yogurt so when you're craving a smoothie or yogurt bowl for breakfast, it's full of organic protein and probiotic cultures. Speaking of smoothies, this Kid Approved Fruit and Veggie Smoothie sounds pretty good to us! 
  5. Muffin
    Heading out earlier than usual and want something you can grab-and-go? Our gluten-free Blueberry Orange Muffin should do the trick. Made in-house, these muffins are baked in our dedicated gluten-free bakery, so you don't have to be worried about cross-contamination! We wrap them individually, so you can grab a few to keep in the kitchen! 
  6. Granola
    We know everyone loves granola, but if you want to take your cereal game to the next level, grab a box of Nature's Path organic Hemp Hearts. With 5g of fiber and 10g of protein from whole-grain rolled oats, hemp hearts and flax, this cereal packs a hearty punch! 
  7. Blackberries
    Blackberries are in season, so get creative with them! Not only is their flavor rich and sweet, they are loaded with vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. Enjoy them by themselves, as part of a smoothie, or include them with dessert; your skin and taste buds will thank you! 
  8. Hemp Hearts
    Sprinkle some extra nutrition on your breakfast bowl with a tablespoon of Hemp Hearts! Hemp seeds are an excellent source of omega-3's, vitamin E and plant-based protein. Great in smoothies (or with blackberries) and on yogurt or in cereal.