Update - 9/19/19

I would like to thank our community for the outpouring of support over these past 6 weeks. You have helped to ease a very difficult transition for me. The final days were very emotional for our team and community, filled with tears, disbelief and frustration.

I’ve been hearing rumors lately about Native Sun reopening specific locations and I would like to clarify our intentions. I assure you that  I did not have the ability to continue to fund our stores while they weathered our city’s grocery wars.  However, the overwhelming support from dedicated customers and leaders in our community has led my family and me to explore the possibility of reopening one store. At this point, absolutely no plans are set in stone, but, like you, we have found it difficult to shop for clean, honest food in town (outside of Grassroots Natural Market).

What I said in our goodbye letter still rings true. If we are to reopen a business – whether my family is fully-involved or not – it must be a very different model than the Native Sun you knew. If there were reasonable fixes to our previous model, then please know that we never would have made the decision to close. Saying goodbye to our team and our communities was incredibly difficult.

If you see the lights on at one of our locations, please know that this is what we are trying to figure out. For now, consider our social media platforms the only legitimate source of Native Sun-related information. I will keep you posted on any future plans through those platforms. Thank you again for your love and support.

Aaron Gottlieb