Better for nature. Better for you.

The meat and seafood you’ll find at Native Sun is a great example of our uncompromising standards: You will always know where our food comes from, how it’s raised or produced, and that it’s a better choice for the environment, and for you.

Not only does all of the meat and seafood that you buy from us come from ethical, sustainable sources that meet our standards, our grass-fed beef and free-range chicken is part of our "Staples With Standards" with everyday low prices on the staples you build your shopping cart around.

Grass-fed beef and free-range chicken:

Our meat comes from grass-fed animals raised by farmers in open environments and produced with humane practices. It has no hormones, antibiotics, or nitrates/nitrites. Our poultry also comes from antibiotic-free animals raised in open-air environments on a diet of natural or organic feed.


We support the CleanFish Alliance, which connects small-scale fishermen and farmers to distributors in an effort to bring sustainable fish and fresh seafood to restaurants and markets. We verify that our wild finfish are hook-and-line caught and that our shellfish is harvested using sustainable methods.

Prepared meat and seafood:

We stock house-made sausages, wings, rotisserie chicken, seafood spreads, and pre-seasoned offerings that meet our stringent standards.


If you’d like to know more about a product in our meat & seafood department, please send us an inquiry.

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