Give your pets the same high-quality nutrition you give your family.

When you care as much about what goes into your pet’s bowl as you do about what goes on your plate, we’ve got you and your furry family member covered. Native Sun’s shelves are stocked with pet nutrition and care products that go through the same quality-screening process as all of our other foods and products. That means the pet food you buy here is free of chemicals, fillers, and unnecessary inert ingredients.

Organic Dog and Cat Food

As with our families’ diets, changing your pet’s diet to products with more wholesome ingredients may give your cat or dog more energy and reduce their symptoms of chronic disease.

We carry dog and cat food by Castor & Pollux, whose ORGANIX® line is the only complete line of USDA organically certified pet food. ORGANIX® meets Native Sun’s standards for foods that have no antibiotics, no GMOs, and no pesticides. We also carry PetGuard USDA Organic-certified pet food, which is made locally with no chemical additives, or artificial colors, preservatives or flavorings.

Pet Care Products

Supplement your pet’s clean, high-quality diet with products that also help keep them healthy and active. Native Sun has shampoos and coat-care products, pet accessories, and chew toys that are non-toxic, and better for the planet and your pets.

Raw Organic Meats

Whether you feed your pet only with fresh recipes you make yourself or want to enrich your pet’s diet, each of our stores carries raw organic chicken livers and other organ meats.

Want to know more about how our pet foods and products are easier on the planet and on your pets? Don’t hesitate to contact us or ask one of our associates for more information.