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More attention is being given to what we put on our bodies as well as what we put in it. Since most health and beauty products are not required by the FDA to be tested for safety—and descriptors such as “natural” and “pure” are not always what they seem— it’s left up to consumers to separate the hype from the facts and find their own information on the safety of the ingredients in these products.

At Native Sun, we do the research for you, thoroughly vetting every health and beauty product on our shelves to ensure they meet our stringent standards. Our product review process for personal care products includes checks for everything from the inclusion of synthetic and banned ingredients to whether companies conduct animal testing or use recyclable content in their packaging. If a product is not truly clean, natural, and safe for our own families to use, you won’t find it in our stores. We carry cleaner versions of every health and beauty care product, including toothpaste, deodorant, hair care products, face and body lotions, beard oil, and much more.


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Q. What makes a natural health and beauty product “natural”?

A. A natural product should not contain ingredients known to cause human health risk. The ingredients should be from renewable sources found in nature. No petrochemicals should be used and no synthetic fragrances. No animal testing should have been done to develop the product and, preferably, manufacturing processes and packaging should be environmentally friendly.

Q. Do natural health and beauty products contain synthetic ingredients?

A. Products certified by the Natural Products Association can contain approved synthetics, just like the National Organic Program evaluates and approves “allowed” synthetics in organic foods.

Q. What are the benefits of using natural products?

A. Benefits include reduced exposure to toxic chemicals and harmful preservatives. Typically, these products are not tested on animals, and many companies follow sustainable practices.

Q. How long may it take for my skin and/or hair to adjust to natural products?

A. How quickly you notice the effects will depend on the specific products you choose and your personal health and beauty regimen. Keep in mind that changes in hair and skin are often affected by diet and exercise as well, so your response time will be very individualized.

Q. Are there certain ingredients to avoid when shopping for natural beauty products?

A. Yes. At Native Sun, we like for our products to perform well while being as natural as possible and without the addition of harmful chemicals. It’s not always possible to obtain products that are 100-percent free of preservatives due to health and safety risks, but we do our very best to source the cleanest products available. For more information, see our comprehensive list of banned ingredients.