Just as the products you buy from Native Sun to put on your table must meet our uncompromising standards, so do the household products we offer. The brands we carry come from companies that we know care about consumers’ health and that are transparent about ingredients and manufacturing methods.

Keeping toxins from household cleaners and other products out of our homes not only makes our homes healthier—it also improves the environment of our local communities by reducing chemical runoff into the ecosystem.


Choosing better cleaning products starts with knowing what’s in them. Research done by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that products available to U.S. shoppers may contain dangerous compounds that are currently banned in other countries. These include ingredients known to cause cancer, asthma, and other serious health conditions, and that pose risks to children who may breathe their fumes, or spill or ingest them. EWG, which maintains updated lists of harmful products (including mainstream brands that are improving their products) in its Guide to Healthy Cleaning, notes that many cleaning products are not as environmentally harmless as they claim to be, and some don’t even list all of their ingredients.

We recommend using EWG’s Healthy Living App, which lets you find ratings from thousands of products as you shop instead of just relying on labels. As we do at Native Sun, EWG assesses household products based on these criteria for their production:

  • Do they have transparent ingredient lists?

  • Do they include every ingredient on their lists?

  • Do their products contain any toxic chemicals that may have been banned?

All Natural Cleaning Products

Many products use the words “organic,” “green” or “natural” on their labels, but household product manufacturers do not have to comply with federal regulations in order to make these claims, nor must they disclose every ingredient. If you want household cleaners that are safe and effective, but don’t have time to research labels, we’ve done it for you. Stop by your Native Sun store to learn more about our line of products.