Activated Charcoal Mask


  • 1/4 c. ground oats

  • 1/4 c. kaolin clay

  • 1/4 c. bentonite clay

  • 10 capsules Nature’s Way activated charcoal

  • 7 drops lavender essential oil

  • 7 drops bergamot essential oil

  • 7 drops tea tree essential oil


  1. Grind oats in a coffee grinder to get a fine powder.

  2. Combine with the two clays in a glass mixing bowl. Be sure to measure the clay with non metal measuring cups.

  3. Add the activated charcoal and essential oils.

  4. Stir with a wooden spoon until well combined.

  5. Transfer to a container with a lid.

  6. To use, dispense a small amount (about a teaspoon) of grains into your hand. Add a few drops of water to get a wet paste.

  7. Gently massage into skin, making small circles with your fingers.

  8. Rinse with warm water and follow with toner and moisturizer.

  9. You can also leave the grains on your face for 10-15 for a deep cleansing face mask.

  10. Keep in an airtight container with a lid and be careful to not introduce water. Will keep for at least 6 months.

Recipe by    Hello Glow

Recipe by Hello Glow

Dan Nehring