At Native Sun, we believe that everyone should have access to amazing food. That’s why over 90% of the ingredients used in our deli are certified organic. We offer delicious gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan food options.

What about the other 10%? Rest assured that any non-organic ingredients we use meet our stringent standards. Whether you join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or weekend brunch, we want everything you eat to taste great and make you feel even better.



Pick Your Greens

organic kale. organic romaine. organic spinach. organic spring mix. organic arugula.

Premium Toppings additional toppings .99¢

cage-free hard-boiled egg. organic avocado. cheddar cheese. organic bleu cheese. organic feta cheese. organic parmesan cheese. mozzarella cheese. organic kalamata olives. artichoke hearts. crumbled bacon. organic crumbled tempeh bacon.

Pick a Dressing

miso ginger. ranch. cilantro lime vinaigrette. cashew caesar. lemon tahini. walnut vinaigrette. southwest ranch. red wine vinaigrette. nutritional yeast.

extra dressing .49¢ 2 oz.

Choose up to 5 Ingredients 5+ = .49¢ each

organic beets. organic bell pepper. organic broccoli. organic carrots. organic cauliflower. organic cilantro. organic cucumber. organic jalapeño. organic pea sprouts. organic red onion. organic shredded red cabbage. organic tomato. organic pickled carrots. organic pickled red onion. organic black beans. organic chickpeas. organic corn. organic edamame. herb croutons. pepperoncini. organic sunflower seeds. sesame sticks. organic dried cranberries. organic mushrooms. toasted almonds. organic pico de gallo.

Add a Protein

blackened chicken 1.99

seared local shrimp 3.99

organic house tofu 1.99

herb-grilled chicken 1.99

organic curried tofu 1.99

teriyaki tempeh 1.99

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