Special Diets

We know that special diets deserve special attention.

That’s why we go beyond the label to verify ingredient claims. We write to all of our manufacturers to ask about sourcing, cross-contamination, and production*. The result is a product tagging system that makes it easy to avoid allergens and accommodate gluten-free, peanut-free, low-sodium & other special diets.


Store Tours

We get it. Allergen tagging is helpful, but changing your diet and finding replacements for your favorite foods is tough.


If you’re struggling, schedule a free educational tour at any store location.

We’ll review our allergen tagging system and help you find products that meet your special diet needs. We can assist with special diets including No Gluten Added, No Casein Added, No Peanuts Added, Macrobiotic, Raw Diet, Vegetarian and Vegan, Lactose-free, Kosher, and more.



You can schedule a tour by visiting or calling Customer Service at any of our 3 locations. 


*We hope that the tagging system we have implemented allows you to select foods appropriate for your special diet. Although we re-verify with our manufacturers, changes to raw materials and/or manufacturing processes that may occur in between our updates make it impractical for us to guarantee the complete absence of tagged ingredients.