Why Buy Local

Local Community


We’re big fans of local employment and the relationships that develop when you buy from people you know. The more money we can keep from flowing out to big box chains, non-locally owned businesses, and online retailers, the healthier our local community becomes.

Local Transportation


Most food in the United States is picked a week in advance and travels many miles before it reaches your plate. If given the option, we’re always going to pick the food less traveled. Buying local reduces shipping distance and cuts down on packaging costs and emissions.

Local Diversity

Unique goods and services can help define a community. Local food producers know their communities. That familiarity gives them the opportunity to fill gaps in the local market with products that are more appropriate to the place.

Native Sun Local Product Map

We search Jacksonville and just beyond, looking for the best products and producers in the Southeast.

To make sure you’re clear on where your food comes from, we incorporate local into our product tagging system. The ‘Local’ icon identifies product produced within 100 miles of our stores. The ‘Regional’ icon refers to products produced within the Southeastern United States.

Local Purpose


We love when small companies put standards first and provide our community with handcrafted products you can’t get anywhere else.



From packaging to purchasing, we work hard to support our local suppliers. We want to share the stories and flavors that are unique to our area.

Local Support