Weekly Sales

Shop organic, eat healthy, and save money!

Our Weekly Sales flyer is your first stop for the freshest savings.

• Exclusive buy one get one free promos.

• The best prices on 100% organic produce.

• Everyday low prices on staples like beef, chicken, eggs, and milk.


View and Download Our Weekly Sales Flyer Below

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Coupon Policy

Looking for online coupons for organic, healthy food and natural products?

Stop by customer service at any of our store locations; we might just have a coupon book or two. You can also download and print coupons. We’re big fans of Mambo Sprouts and Health-e-savers. If you have a coupon, but want to make sure you can use it in our stores, be sure to read our coupon policy.


  • They scan properly at the registers

  • They are not for a “free product”

  • They are not for more than 75% of a product’s value

  • They do not have altered expiration dates

  • They have not been altered in any way (out of proportion, blurry, or are obvious duplicates)

  • Retailer and manufacturer websites, email campaigns, promotions, and advertisements

  • Legitimate coupon websites

  • Legitimate printable coupons can be checked for validity at www.veri-fi.com